Node Competiton- Activity Priority Mode

If guardian nodes wait multi-agent call special services and arrange the task which follow this rule.

  • The Stable sync node dynamically tests each node within the multi agent, ranking them based on their computing power and stability.

  • The Task list allocates tasks according to priority in each round of API request distribution. For example, in the first round, 10 tasks are distributed, with 5 tasks assigned to the Miner Pool ranked P1, 3 tasks to the P2 Miner Pool, and so on.

  • The Task list module performs round-robin counting for nodes of the same priority to ensure the dispersion of API tasks. For instance, if there are 3 nodes with Priority 1, then 5 tasks are distributed in a round-robin manner to these 3 nodes.

  • The Stable sync node regularly queries the Task list for the results of each task returned by the nodes and re-ranks the priority list based on their results.

  • The priority list is regularly updated for new and departing nodes, ensuring that the node with the highest composite score is at the top.

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