The Functionality of Guardian Nodes

Guardian Nodes provide a distributed shared support network for Multi-Agent-Orchestration (MAO) and users. Users require different agents to provide services, and MAO further processes user needs and agent services by distributing more detailed requirements to various agents. The execution of these agents requires Nodes to run specific programs to fulfill user needs, and the results from agents need to be verified. Before services begin, all agents and nodes must register and then adjust the matching relationship between agents and nodes according to user needs. As illustrated, a user's needs may require support from three agents.

  • Nodes 1 - 3 run Agent 4.

  • Nodes X & Y & 4 - 6 provide Validator services.

  • Nodes X & Y & 2 & 5 provide Staking Validator services.

In principle, all node can run any service, but in practice, performance, stability, and agent types determine that some Nodes can run multiple services while others can only run simple services. Node 1 = Node 2 = Node 3. Node X = Node Y. They can run different services, but Node X can support the three services mentioned above.

Ultimately, the final token incentive amount is determined by the nature of the agent's services, their usage rate, and the stability of the Nodes. For example, Nodes running Agent X can receive 25% of the daily rewards because they provide liquidity and financial support for the protocol's adoption.

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