Protocol Incentives

Central to the questflow decentralized agent protocol's ecosystem is its incentive mechanism. It is designed to ensure fair rewards for all participants' active participation and contributions.

The protocol aims to release 150M Tokens in the first year of the reward cycle, with a daily release of 410,900 Tokens. These tokens are distributed to various roles in the network, including the App layer, DAO contributors, and the guardian nodes network. It's worth noting that the DAO adjusts the incentive ratio for each layer annually based on the protocol's health, ensuring the incentive mechanism aligns with the network's actual needs and goals.

The total token supply is 1 billion, with 150M released in the first year, and then halving every two years. This halving mechanism gradually reduces the creation of new tokens to maintain their value and scarcity.

Token Release Schedule

The protocol has a robust plan in place for the steady and predictable release of Tokens over a 20-year period. With a total supply of 1 billion tokens, the release schedule is carefully designed to preserve the value and scarcity of Tokens while incentivizing participation in the questflow ecosystem.

Starting from the third year, the number of Tokens released will halve every two years. This halving mechanism ensures a gradual slowdown in the release of new tokens, maintaining their value and scarcity over time.

Fair Launch and Daily Release

The protocol follows the Fair Launch principle. This means that all tokens are released in a transparent and predictable manner. Every day, a certain number of tokens are released, and different roles within the network compete to earn these tokens based on their contribution.

  • Year 1-2: 150M Tokens per year (Total: 300M)

  • Year 3-4: 75M Tokens per year (Total: 150M)

  • Year 5-6: 37.5M Tokens per year (Total: 75M)

  • Year 7-8: 18.75M Tokens per year (Total: 37.5M)

  • Year 9-10: 9.375M Tokens per year (Total: 18.75M)

Token Incentive Distribution Mechanism

All participants contributing to the Questflow agent protocol are rewarded. The rewards for each segment can be dynamically adjusted based on the DAO governance protocol. During the first halving period, the token incentive distribution is designed as follows:

  • Workspace: Receives 5% of the rewards for the first halving period, released daily.

  • DAO Contributor: Receives 10% of the rewards for the first halving period, released daily.

  • Guardian Nodes: Receive 85% of the rewards for the first halving period, released daily. This includes nodes providing liquidity and nodes providing support for other Agent services on the network .

So in the first 10 years, a total of 581.25 million Tokens will be released.By the end of the 20-year period, all 1 billion Tokens will have been released into the ecosystem, fuelling the growth and development of the protocol.

The Road Ahead

The release schedule is a fundamental part of the protocol's economic model. It balances the need to incentivize active participation in the ecosystem with the need to maintain the value and scarcity of the Token. As the protocol evolves and grows, the release schedule will adapt to the needs of the ecosystem.

In conclusion, the Token release schedule is a testament to the protocol's commitment to long-term sustainability and growth. Through careful planning and foresight, the protocol ensures a stable and predictable token supply, paving the way for a thriving and prosperous ecosystem.

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