🍎What use cases does Questflow focus on?

Some example use cases in Web3 are:

Stay Updated on Key Projects/KOLs:

Get real-time notifications on important updates from projects or key opinion leaders (KOLs) you follow. This includes funding rounds, events, token generation events (TGEs), etc. *Example: "I follow 50 projects on Twitter. I want to know about QF's recent major updates. The bot could automatically filter out the most important information."

CEX Order and Trading Alerts:

Receive notifications on your centralized exchange (CEX) orders, such as contract liquidation prices, stop-loss/take-profit triggers, and price alerts for tokens you're watching. *Example: "CEXs have alerts, but they rely on SMS or email. If I'm on my computer, I miss big price swings."

On-Chain Transaction Monitoring:

Get alerts for large or frequent transactions involving tokens you're interested in.

Some example use cases in the back office are:

Email Management:

TARS filters, prioritizes, and summarizes emails, helping users stay on top of their inbox and focus on important messages.

Calendar Management:

TARS schedules appointments, creates reminders, and even suggests the best times to block off for focused work.

Information Retrieval:

TARS quickly finds relevant information from documents, emails, or the web, saving users time spent searching.

Automated Content Generation:

TARS orchestrates AI agents to generate blog posts, social media updates, marketing copy, and even video scripts, saving time and effort for content creators.

Personalized Outreach:

TARS analyzes customer data and crafts personalized emails, messages, or social media interactions to improve engagement and conversion rates.

Social Media Management:

TARS schedules posts, monitors mentions, and responds to customer inquiries across multiple platforms, freeing up social media managers for strategic tasks.

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